Drogoth new steam avatar

Drogoth63's personal portrait of himself with his legendary sword

Drogoth63 is of unknown age, human-demon hybrid. Drogoth63 is a self-proclaimed "legendary Hero" in his own RP. In all reality, he's just a creep, human trafficker, psudo-scientist that tortures women for fun, and a rapist. He fights to "protect" the Dragon Niko race, which doesn't exist, but he's actually trying to bed every single one he comes across and tries to get his dick wet 24/7 while pretending he's trying to keep the world at peace. He was in a relationship with a red Dragon-Niko but he's a deluded dickwad that emotionally manipulated her and threatened suicide if she didn't date him, or if she broke up with him.

He thinks he's a master with elemental powers and preferred to use Fire and Air on his opponents before his powers were confiscated by higher authorities. He's a fedora wearing neckbeard that hasn't left his basement in seven years, and thinks that he's good at swordplay because he bought a katana and has an anime body pillow. At one point he had the very useful (and widespread) power of shape shifting that only came to use when he spied on women in the shower by turning into a fly. This guy is an Incel with a capital "i".

He liked to pretend he had multiple personalities, or alter egos, even in real life. An angry red personality, a "logical" blue personality, and a "dark" personality. There was also a "GLaDOS" personality that he used to insult his girlfriend when she suspected him (and was correct about) him cheating. He also had 2 "unvailed" forms one is "Extremely powerful" and the other is "Pure Evil". At one point he unvailed an "INSANE" personality called VESANIA, who was also an incel with a capital "i" that murdered women and tried to be edgy as fuck by decorating rooms with their organs. His personality was: Attempting to be as chaotic as MLP's Discord and Cupcakes' Pinkie Pie, trying to be as edgy as the entire Shadow the Hedgehog videogame, all while having the acting skills of The Boss from Saints Row 3. What a dumbass.

Also, Drofuck was once apparently turned into a Dragon-Niko when he was bitten by a Mosquito fused with a Dragon-Niko.

Do I need to say more?