Drogoth new steam avatar

Drogoth63's personal portrait of himself with his legendary sword

Drogoth63 is of unknown age, human-demon hybrid.Drogoth63 is a "legendary Hero" in his own RP. He fights to protect the Dragon Niko race and trys to keep the world in peace. He is in a relationship with Driko who is a red Dragon-Niko. He has mastered most elements. He prefers to use Fire and Air on his opponents however. He can become "one with the air" which is useful when sneaking around. He uses Swords and Claws based weapons. He has the very useful (and widespread) power of shape shifting (which helps him master elements apparently). He has many forms like Red and Blue Drogoth,Fear,and Dark. He also has 2 "unvailed" forms one is Extremely powerful and the other is Pure Evil. He was once turned into a Dragon-Niko by a Mosquito fused with a Dragon-Niko. a picture of Drogoth (more TBA)

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